Oakton completes “photovoltaic” solar panel project at Skokie campus

Oakton Community College recently completed the addition of a 25-kilowatt photovoltaic array at its Skokie campus.

Installation of the roof-mounted system, consisting of approximately 80 solar panels, was completed in June.

In its first month, the system has generated five megawatt hours of energy, enough to power approximately 15,000 light bulbs for one day. This use of solar power has already prevented roughly 3,700 kilograms of carbon dioxide being released into the environment, equivalent to planting 201 trees.

“Incorporating renewable energy is one important way of reducing the college’s impact on the environment,” Oakton Sustainability Specialist Debra Kutska said in a news release. “It is also something that is of high value to our students, who regularly tell us this is an area they hope the college continues to pursue.”

In addition, the Skokie campus is home to a test system to provide students with hands-on experience working with solar panels.

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5 August 2017 2:03 am
For More Information: www.Greenway-solar.com