Rooftop solar admitted to commercial, industrial zones | Needles Desert Star

NEEDLES — The Needles City Council approved the state-mandated renewable energy streamline in 2015, that allows an applicant to process a building permit application within three days with all of the required documentation supplied to the city.

According to city staff, the city would like to implement a similar policy for roof-top solar projects located in the commercial and industrial zones, permitting the project through the administrative review process. Currently, the process requires the applicant to request a special use permit with a public hearing before the planning commission.

“This change will give the authority to approve solar panels on commercial buildings administratively instead of scheduling public hearings, public notices, agendas. We might also want to take a look at making the approval of solar panels on residential an administrative process as well,” said Rick Daniels, city manager. “If the commercial buildings decided to use solar power it won’t affect our utilities since the price is about 10 cents per kilowatt hour and to use solar it costs about 30 cents per kilowatt hour. And the commercial buildings will still need to buy power from us to have power during the night. They’re using a lot of power so they will still need to buy power.”

The city council unanimously approved the action to approve Ordinance 595-AC to permit rooftop solar projects in the commercial and industrial zones with an administrative review during their meeting on July 25.

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5 August 2017 8:14 pm
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