The Case For residential solar

Is Solar Energy Really Right For Homeowners? Homemade video explains 'why now is the time for solar energy on your roof'

Before Sean Ong was a senior consultant at Navigant, he spent five years as an energy analysis engineer at the National Renewable Energy Labs, working in “technical, policy, and economic analysis and renewable energy models,” stated in his online profile. This guy has inside information on what is happening inside the solar marketplace and its impact, his information is second to none.  “Impacts of Regional Electricity Prices and Building Type on the Economics of Commercial Photovoltaics Systems” and “Breakeven Prices for Photovoltaics on Supermarkets in the United States.” Recently though, Sean posted a homespun video on YouTube titled “Why Now is the Time for Solar Energy on Your Roof” that is meant for the average Joe or Josephine thinking about going solar.

Summary: Sean goes over how solar installation and pricing has basically hit rock bottom –and support for–those third-party options for financing, presenting the “zero money down” and “your utility bill will be less than it is now”.

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