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Solar PV System Installation Process

After we receive your authorization to begin work, the journey to add a solar system to your home or business begins. Project duration typically varies between 45-90 days. Below are the Steps involved along the journey!

Solar PV System Design  - (< 1 Week)

  • Initial System Design & Verification
  • Racking Design, Engineering & Layout

Obtain Utility Company Initial Approval

  • Submit Initial Application to the Local Utility Company– (< 3 Days)
  • Receive Initial Application Approval from the Local Utility Company – (1 – 4 Weeks)

Place Equipment Orders

  • Invoice and Ordering of Project Materials – (< 3 Days)
  • Receive Project Materials – (1 - 3 weeks)

Obtain Local Permits

  • Submit Application for Building & Electrical Permits – (< 3 Days)
  • Receive Approval and Obtain Required Building & Electrical Permits – (1 – 4 Weeks)

On-Site System Installation(3 – 5 Days)

  • Roof Attachments
  • Electrical Wiring
  • Placement of Modules
  • System Test & Commissioning

Obtain Local Inspection Approvals

  • Request the Required Building & Electrical Final Inspections – (1 – 3 Days)
  • Receive Approval for Building & Electrical Inspections – (1 – 4 Weeks)

Utility Company Installs Net Meter(1 – 4 weeks)

  • Submit Part2 Application to the Local Utility Company
  • Installation of Net Meter by the Local Utility Company
  • Receive Permission to Operate by the Local Utility Company

System Completion(1 Day)

  • Final System Assurance Testing
  • Configuration and Test of Remote Performance Monitoring
  • Final Documentation Package & System Acceptance



Each system installed includes the ability to monitor performance remotely, which means you can see the amount of energy your system produces from any computer or smartphone. You can view daily, weekly, monthly and yearly graphs showing how your system is performing. To see a dashboard view of what information is available, click here.

performance monitoring system

This feature ensures that your system is operating at peak performance. Monitoring allows for alerts and notifications, so if there is ever an issue, we'll know about it immediately.