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Annual Over-Production Payments

An often-overlooked benefit of solar system ownership is receiving annual payments for your system’s over-production!

In net-metered locations where a customer’s solar system produces more power than the home or business uses each month, the solar power credits accumulate month to month. In Pennsylvania, this may continue month-to-month until the end of the twelve-month cycle which typically ends at the end of May of each calendar year. At this time, the electric utility will compensate the customer at the “Price to Compare” rate. Learn more here at the PA PUC’s Alternative Energy webpage.

Upon approval by the local utility co. and assuming a customer has the roof space or ground space available, the PA Public Utility Commission rules state that a solar energy system for a home can be designed to 50kW (AC size) allowing you to over-produce if you wish, and the extra energy generated each year and associated over-production payments can be a great way to pay off your system! Businesses and agricultural operations are permitted to install much larger systems. Contact us today to learn more!

For some customers, it may benefit them to install a larger solar system than needed to reap the additional annual revenue or to plan for future electric-consuming home improvements like adding a hot tub or swimming pool. When you generate your own clean, green energy from the sun, there’s no longer a reason to feel guilty about using electrical appliances that improve your quality of life!