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Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission Issues Stern Warning to All PA Power Customers!

Utility Tower

Your Utility Bill just increased by 14.9% – Here’s how to lower it!

December 24, 2019

“HARRISBURG – The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC) is alerting consumers about the potential for large winter energy cost increases for electric customers…”


As of December 1, electric distribution companies reported the following changes in their PTCs for residential customers: 

  • Penelec, up from 5.198 cents to 6.445 cents per kWh (24%);
  • Penn Power, up from 6.231 cents to 7.572 cents per kWh (21.5%);  
  • Met-Ed, up from 5.667 cents to 6.51 cents per kWh (14.9%);
  • Citizens’ Electric, up from 6.5016 cents to 7.0986 cents per kWh (8%);
  • West Penn Power, up from 5.338 cents to 5.76 cents per kWh (7.9%);
  • PPL, up from 7.585 cents to 7.632 cents per kWh (less than 1%).

That’s right! Our power bills are going up. Again. As of Dec. 1!

If you live in MetEd territory that means a 14.9% increase. What will be your pay increase at work this year? I’ll bet it’s not 14.9%! PPL, already having one of the highest energy rates in the state, will only raise their rates less than 1%! Really?

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