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Why do clients choose us?

solar panels on ground

Whether you’re planning a residential solar project, or looking to reduce high energy costs at your place of business or agricultural operation, our accredited engineering staff will guide you through the process from project conception through system completion.

We’re your neighbors with our local company based right here in central PA seeking to give back to our communities by promoting job development and actively working with our local school district’s technical career center to develop bright, young talent right out of high school. The adoption of solar is very under-developed in Pennsylvania with our state currently producing less than one half of one percent of its electricity generation with solar. Learn more here.  Opportunities abound and we’re here to get it done!

Being local, we can effectively navigate the complex approval, local permitting, and solar energy incentives process to ensure that you or your business will take full advantage of all benefits relating to your project.

Our goals are to help our customers create their own efficient and affordable electricity while reducing harmful pollution and creating a sustainable future for us all.

Let Green Way Solar be your guide on the journey to add solar. We want you to be delighted with all that we do.